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Tenant – until now and from now on

The BULLETIN TENANT is a newspaper of the Initiative for Local Self-Government, whose publisher and editor is the Group for Conceptual Politics, a civil society organization from Novi Sad. Since 2014, 15 issues of STANAR have been published with a circulation of around 500,000 copies.

The BULLETIN TENANT is published as part of the project “Strengthening local participation in political processes”, which is based on the policies of civil society, local self-government and direct participation of people in decision-making processes, that is, on a special, local and civil perspective, without which a person who thinks exclusively geopolitically today can just be passive.

The project is implemented by the Group for Conceptual Politics in cooperation with the Heinrich Boell Foundation – Belgrade office and with the support of NED – National Endowment for Democracy.

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Editorial board

Group for Conceptual Politics
Pariske komune 42, Novi Sad
tel: +381 (0)21 6333 013

© 2022 Bulletin TENANT
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