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Are the Protests against violence “Serbian Spring“? 1. Protests “Serbia against violence” confirm to us that today politics is exclusively found in the realm of the […]

Published: 05. 11. 2023.

On the constants of Serbian politics towards Kosovo ’The only acceptable solution for Serbia and the Serbian people is the full reintegration of the territory of […]

Published: 28. 06. 2023.

What is Kosovo a signifier of? What is Kosovo? What is it to us? To us both as individuals and as a collective, of which one, […]

Published: 23. 05. 2023.

Our grounding is the local politics that we have been working on as associated citizens for the past ten years. We have always viewed local politics […]

Published: 22. 12. 2022.

In these war times, when the dominant discourse is congested with apparently well-intentioned but actually hypocritical appeals for peace and stability, invoking people’s right to self-determination […]


’Someone here was moving people around like pieces on a chessboard’ 1 What does it mean to go to Kosovo as a Serb today, as a […]

Published: 19. 11. 2022.

In order for this to be possible, it is necessary for the recognition of Kosovo to be thinkable, that is, for there to be a politics […]


Report from Germany – temporary or permanent status of war refugees To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; Supreme excellence consists […]

Published: 26. 09. 2022.

From resignation to political association Even though they were proclaimed by the authorities and the opposition as fateful and crucial for the survival of the country […]

Published: 23. 09. 2022.

What should we do with the politics of peace, which is no longer a matter of neither state politics nor the politics on the side of […]

Published: 22. 09. 2022.

Are war and elections the only thing there is in what we call politics? The post-election silence lasted too long. Although we are of the opinion […]

Published: 21. 09. 2022.

Politics on the side of the people is a continuation of peace by other means Can politics on the side of the people be war politics? […]



The bulletin TENANT is the newsletter of those whose priority is the activity they are engaged in, and the contents that will be found in them, as well as their processing, count on an active reader who sees the reality around her and thinks politically, as a mature and decision-making being. On human as a being of politics, not just a political animal.

As it‘s been the case so far, we would like the reader, while reading what it‘s written in the Bulletin TENANT, to wish to have written it herself. And then to do something similar.

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