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In Search of ‘Society’ Two years ago the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune was marked. It was an event that brought about the workers’ seizure […]

Published: 07. 03. 2024.

Stop making sense! I’m not falling for the exemption anymore: we are all responsible! That hasn’t interested me ever since I realized that they have committed […]

Published: 22. 02. 2024.

Political mood, diagnosis, and insult Slobodan’s images may not require words. We, who look at them, do need them and share them as soon as we […]


One of the main characteristics of dictatorial, tyrannical and absolutist powers is self-will and arbitrariness – in other words, the absence of a clearly defined and […]


Perspectives of Serbian society with quasi-elites It can often be heard that our society is deeply divided, that there is an unbridgeable gap between the ‘two […]


The power as a response to the silence of power How do people in Serbia today participate in politics? They walk and vote. Therefore, they cast […]

Published: 04. 01. 2024.

The unacknowledged virtues of the patriarchy More than two months have passed since Serbia faced the greatest peacetime tragedy in its modern history. From then until […]

Published: 23. 12. 2023.

Mass killings as a tragedy among us 1. The multiple murder committed by the boy KK can also be seen as the ultimate consequence of the […]

Published: 22. 12. 2023.

The power of the powerless ‘Power and violence are opposites: where the one rules, the other is absent’: is the formula which Hannah Arendt comes up […]

Published: 21. 12. 2023.

Are the Protests against violence “Serbian Spring“? 1. Protests “Serbia against violence” confirm to us that today politics is exclusively found in the realm of the […]

Published: 05. 11. 2023.

On the constants of Serbian politics towards Kosovo ’The only acceptable solution for Serbia and the Serbian people is the full reintegration of the territory of […]

Published: 28. 06. 2023.

What is Kosovo a signifier of? What is Kosovo? What is it to us? To us both as individuals and as a collective, of which one, […]

Published: 23. 05. 2023.


The bulletin TENANT is the newsletter of those whose priority is the activity they are engaged in, and the contents that will be found in them, as well as their processing, count on an active reader who sees the reality around her and thinks politically, as a mature and decision-making being. On human as a being of politics, not just a political animal.

As it‘s been the case so far, we would like the reader, while reading what it‘s written in the Bulletin TENANT, to wish to have written it herself. And then to do something similar.

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