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Bilten - All Issues  Published: 30. 08. 2022.

Bulletin TENANT – Issue #1

The BULLETIN TENANT issue 1, 2014, deals with topics that have been opened up in the previous cooperation of tenants, representatives of the Tenants’ Assemblies, urban planners, architects and all interested citizens within the project. Some of the topics and problems raised are: Whose problem is the apartment and its maintenance, if the tenants and citizens of this society are the private owners of the apartments today? Can the income of the tenants’ assemblies be sufficient for the maintenance and renovation of old and damaged residential buildings? What about the solidarity of the tenants themselves and do the assemblies of tenants consist of responsible neighbors who are ready to solve problems together? How much does solidarity cost? Are our private problems and the problems of the people we live with? Are our common needs at the same time the needs of each of us? Before any initiative we have to talk about it and get to know each other.

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