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Bilten - All Issues  Published: 30. 08. 2022.

Bulletin TENANT – Issue #12

The BULLETIN TENANT issue 12, 2021, came out just before the final of the action promoting independent candidates who participated in the civic elections for the councils of local communities in Novi Sad. 20,000 copies were printed and most of them were distributed to citizens of Telep, Detelinara, and other parts of the city. Given that the distributor informed us that there were cases of intimidation of people who distributed STANAR (the case of the “white Nissan” on Telep), as well as that bulletins were systematically removed from citizens’ mailboxes by ruling party members, this is the only way for all those interested to come to this issue.

As in many issues so far, we wrote about the importance of local self-government, with a special emphasis on the candidates with whom we managed to achieve close cooperation in this action that we announced before.

We consider the Novi Sad council elections as a turning point in our work. After them, we will continue to deal with self-government, and on what principles we base and will base that work.

You can download the newsletter for free by clicking on the following link:

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