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Bilten - All Issues  Published: 30. 08. 2022.

Bulletin TENANT – Issue #4

The BULLETIN TENANT issue 4, 2016, continued to deal with topics that have been opened up in the previous cooperation of tenants, representatives of the Tenants’ Assemblies, urban planners, architects and all interested citizens within the project.

The fourth issue of the TENANT dealt with those problems:

  • We continued to develop housing policy from the primary experience of working on the project “Local Policies and Urban Self-Government” and that is what the people who, in addition to the newsletter, produce and edit the radio shows TENANT.
  • The experience of participating in the meeting “So-called The Housing Question”, which was held in the Cultural Center “Rex”, and the conversation with the participants and organizers of the meeting (“Who Builds the City” and “The Ignorant Teacher and His Committees”) leads to the conclusion that we have the same problems, but also different policies that are possible to lead in order to solve them;
  • We worked together on objections to the new Housing Act and participated in public hearings;
  • We had the need to speak with Silvain Lazarss again, and we are sure that there will be opportunities in the future;
  • The memory of the forgotten model of organizing citizens was refreshed by participating in the assembly of citizens in the “Jugovićevo” Municipal Community, we solved a problem;
  • We wonder how local civic initiatives are organized (examples from Kraljevo and Croatia) and what is happening with the professional association in the field of housing today and what obstacles it encounters in its activities;
  • You will conclude where we stand in the protest and the work of the Support RTV initiative, and read our conversation with Marko Jakovljevi, a journalist and member of the “Support RTV” initiative-movement;

You can download the bulletin for free by clicking on the following link:

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