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Bilten - All Issues  Published: 30. 08. 2022.

Bulletin TENANT – Issue #5

How we organize, when we organize

The BULLETIN TENANT issue 5, 2017, continued to deal with topics that have been opened up in the past cooperation of tenants, representatives of Tenant Assemblies, citizens’ associations and all interested and free people engaged in the implementation of this project.

The fifth issue of the TENANT deals with topics from the domain of housing policy and organizing citizens. This issue is dedicated to the action of united citizens and their direct participation in decision-making in local self-government.

Here you have the opportunity to read the texts of relevant participants in the civil struggles that have been waged these years for better living conditions and the defense of the public interest that only free and brave people can defend.

Members and representatives of various initiatives and associations contributed to the newsletter: “Don’t let Belgrade drawn”, “Smarter Building”, “Ignorant school master and his committees”, “Society of architects of Novi Sad – DaNS”, “Initiative of the independent cultural scene of Novi Sad”, “United Movement of Tenant Niš”, “Youth Center CK13”, “Begej Consumer Protection Center” and “Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia”.

The TENANT is part of the “Local Policies and Urban Self-Government” project, which is dedicated to motivating citizens to participate in decision-making and association processes at the local level, to develop the local community and to cooperate with local self-government bodies, primarily with local communities. The project is implemented with the support of the Open Society Foundation, Serbia.

You can download the newsletter for free by clicking on the following link:

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