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Bilten - All Issues  Published: 30. 08. 2022.

Bulletin TENANT – Issue #7

The Group for Conceptual Politics from Novi Sad published issue 7 of the BULLETIN TENANT, 2019, within the “Local Politics and Urban Self-Government” project, which is dedicated to encouraging citizens to participate in management, decision-making and association processes in local and municipal communities.

In this issue of TENANT, we develop the idea of what we call the Initiative for Local Self-Government, primarily through texts that deal with the analysis of the latest amendments to the Statute of the City of Novi Sad, the most striking novelty of which is that it abolished the municipalities of Petrovaradin and Novi Sad that had existed until now, so we with that act, they got a mammoth creation, a municipality that is among the largest self-governments in Europe.

If in the past years we drew attention to the problems with the introduction of the market into the sphere of housing and the deletion of social and solidarity functions from the law, as well as the state and city administrations that act according to them, then we could say that today we have stepped even deeper into the murky waters of liberal manipulation procedures that turn our local self-governments into empty shells, as for the third year already they are unable to bear the appearance of any content in their material casts – local communities…

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